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The Transport Indiana

James J. Dunn

Camp No. 170

Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn Camp No. 170 would like to announce that our charter was approved at the 2007 National Convention in Sandusky, OH.

The namesake of the camp is James J. Dunn who was enlisted by Major Witney at Willets Point, NY on May 25, 1898. James was one of the thousands of young men who answered our country’s call to arms after the sinking of the USS Maine. A carpenter by trade, and standing just five feet four and a half inches tall with brick red hair, he packed tremendous courage in his small Irish frame.

James served in Company C of the Battalion of Engineers until he was discharged on November 28, 1898 after the conclusion of hostilities with Spain. He once again answered his country’s call by enlisting for the second time at Willets Point on June 1, 1899 to join the fighting in the Philippines. James served in Company B of the US Engineers in Manila from August 10, 1899 until he became ill with chronic dysentery and pulmonary tuberculosis. He died on February 24, 1901 on the transport Indiana.

Any SSAWV members who are interested in transferring to this camp, should contact the camp at:


We look forward to honoring the memory of the Heroes of ‘98.